Do you have a group of students, employees, or friends who need CPR training?  Our training facility is always open to group classes, and we are also happy to come to YOU.  At no additional cost within a 30 mile radius of one of our training sites, we will provide CPR training at YOUR home, office, church, business, or facility.

GoRescue offers onsite group CPR training across the southeastern United States.  We feature the American Heart Association CPR AED, BLS, ACLS, PALS, First Aid, and blood-borne pathogen training at your location – all at no additional cost.

A man is diligently performing CPR on an infant CPR manikin placed on a table in front of him. His focus and care are evident as he demonstrates the life-saving technique. To his side, a young girl is sitting, her smile radiating interest and encouragement. Behind them, a group of attentive onlookers stands, observing the demonstration closely.
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