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Emergency Readiness Inspection
Medical Emergency Preparation for Dental Offices

Avoid a career-killing mistake by ensuring your office is truly ready to expertly respond to a medical emergency – especially those related to sedation and/or anesthesia services Join elite dentists nationwide who are getting Dental Sedation and Anesthesia Medical Emergency Readiness Inspections to protect their patients, save their careers, and satisfy state regulators.

“Adverse events in dental office-based settings associated with sedation and/or anesthesia care have continued to occur with unacceptable frequency.”
American Society of Anesthesiology

Dental Sedation & Anesthesia Safety Inspection

If your practice is ever involved in legal action precipitated by a medical emergency in your office, it’s not what you say you’ve done to prepare for emergencies that matters – it’s what you can prove you’ve done
Document that your office is truly prepared for patient emergencies.

Dental Sedation Safety

We help dentists create great practices!
Join elite dentists nationwide who are getting accredited by AAFDO to tell the world – state and federal regulators, patients, and malpractice carriers alike – that their regulatory compliance, competency, safety, and expertise are the best in the profession

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