GoRescue Brands, Inc., d/b/a Trio Safety CPR+AED , American Heart Association Training Center with nationwide agreement
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American Heart Association (AHA)
Nationwide Training Center

AHA TC ID#: AL20928
Phone: (205) 440-1000
Email: training@gorescue.com

GoRescue Brands, Inc., d/b/a Trio Safety CPR+AED is an official American Heart Association Training Center with a nationwide agreement based in Birmingham, AL. Founded in 1997, we are staffed by 18 full-time team members each focused on supporting our instructors and clients with excellence in customer service, support, and guidance as needed. We are currently accepting NEW and TRANSFER instructors to our Training Center from all 50 states.

Our instructors consistently share their appreciation of what makes our Training Center unique:

  • Same-day eCards to all instructors and training sites

  • A full-time team dedicated to instructor support, development, and success (all provided at no additional cost)

  • 24/7 on-call support with our AHA TC leadership team

NEVER any fees!

    • $0 Roster Fees
    • $0 – Alignment Fees
    • $0 – Annual Fees
    • $0 – training site fees
    • $0 – onboarding and support sessions
    • $0 – annual training site review
    • $0 – instructor transfers
    • $0 – monthly instructor and training site growth calls

We also offer FREE access to our Enrollware system for course management and eCard ordering that allows acceptance of credit cards and debit cards (with no processing fees).

We provide “New Instructor Mentorship” and we will NEVER compete against our instructors. Along with the FREE Annual Instructor Development Seminar, we provide a complimentary instructor welcome kit for each new or transferring, instructor.

Having assisted three of our training sites, to date, in achieving AHA Training Center Status we welcome the chance to help others gain their status!

Training Faculty (TF) status is available as is AED wholesale (as a distribution partner) status, if desired, to resell AEDs, accessories, AED365 Program Management, training supplies, and bleeding control kits.


Download the AHA Alignment PDF Document

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