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About Us

Go [goh] – to move or proceed, especially towards something.

Rescue [res-kyoo] – the act of saving someone from a dangerous situation.

Simply stated, we are laser-focused on making sure our clients are able to do this.  So much so that we decided to make this phrase our name.  GoRescue Brands, Inc. (formerly Educational Associates of Alabama, Inc.) was launched in 1997 in Birmingham, AL, with the aim of delivering lifesaving products and training to clients in need. 

Over the years our brands have grown, lives have been saved, and innovation has remained at the forefront of all we do.  Today, we operate nationwide with five brands – each focused uniquely on a specific core competency necessary to help our clients achieve readiness in emergency preparedness.  

  • Stop Heart Attack | AEDs and accessories
  • Trio Safety CPR+AED | CPR, First Aid, and advanced lifesaving training
  • Bleeding Control Kits | specialized bleeding control kits and solutions
  • AED365 | full-service AED program management and medical direction
  • Lifesaving Summit | dynamic conference to propel the lifesaving industry

Mission | Vision | Motto | CORE Values

To empower and equip people with lifesaving solutions by making their experience easy, engaging, and effective. 

To deliver exceptional lifesaving solutions.

Lifesaving Made Easy 


  • Honor God
  • Excellence in service
  • Balanced living
  • Stewardship through accountability

Executive Leadership


Floyd Larkin, BA

President | Founder

Brady McLaughlin, MS, BA, NREMT

CEO | Founder

Malynda McLaughlin, BA

VP of Brands | Founder